Motocross Defined: Cargo Nets By Quarantine Part 1

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Motocross DefinedBehind Quarantine Restraints is group of folks who design excellent products based on market needs. When it comes to the problems associated with traditional cargo net tie-down and strap design, we’ve had first hand experience. We knew a better design for cargo net tie-downs and accessory wrap straps was needed and set out to provide the solution.

We encourage anyone transporting motorbikes, ATVs and other unwieldy apparatuses to safely secure your machine to your vehicle wherever you go. If you’ve read our recent post, Motorbike Racing Schools in Alberta, you’ve probably already guessed that we at Quarantine Restraints are motorbike enthusiasts ourselves. 

In the first of our two-part series of Motocross Defined, we highlight the standard features of any Quarantine exterior cargo net, plus our innovative wrap strap tie-down technology, and offer some interesting, little-known facts about the sport of motocross. 

Traditional Cargo Net Tie-Downs and Ratchet Strap Design

If you’ve ever hauled a motorcycle or ATV you’re familiar with the traditional cargo net and ratchet strap design. While these straps became popular because their components allow them to be pulled tight without knots, it takes considerable time and effort to get them to work correctly. With their series of awkward springs and levers it’s easy to ratchet up the wrong part of the strap causing it to enter the mechanism and jam, or even break, placing your machine as well as others on the road at risk.

Quarantine Restraints securement systems are guaranteed to get tight, and stay tight, and are designed to be easy to use. Your Quarantine Restraints cargo net comes with our exclusive tie-down technology:

  • Each exterior cargo net comes standard with four Flow-Strap (FS) tie-downs for corner attachment
  • Each buckle on our FS tie-downs is quick and easy to adjust
  • Heavy-duty carabiners clip on in a cinch, operate smoothly, and stay put

In keeping with our commitment to provide solutions for every tie-down and truck and trailer transport need, we recently developed our accessory cargo net wrap strap tie-down extenders. Designed to firmly secure objects such as motorcycles and ATVs, Quarantine’s wrap strap extenders easily attach to your FS tie-downs and can be looped and fastened around your motorbike, keeping it upright and secured.

Early Motorcycle Racing

The earliest motorbikes were little more than bicycles with small engines. In the early days, each manufacturer entered their own bikes into racing competitions to prove their performance and durability, and to gain recognition for their brands, just as they do today.

The sport od motocross officially began in England and the Scott Trial was the first and very prestigious event. By the early 1920s the event had contributed to the belief that those from Yorkshire were the best motorcycle riders in England, and taking an exception to this claim, a club in Camberly, southern England, laid down a challenge. The Camberly club proposed to organize an equally prestigious event in the South, so motorbike riders from each region could compete and exhibit their skill on both their home and unfamiliar terrain; however, the club eventually decided to host a cross-country event over their own two-and-a-half mile course, and the sport of motocross was born.

In the 1930s, motorbike racing became enormously popular in England. The British Brands included:

  • BSA
  • Norton
  • Matchless
  • New Imperial
  • Rudge
  • AJS

Many argued the best racer was BSA and their riders dominated the sport for a decade. Others argued the AJS was the best in the world, and the manufacturer-supported team included great talent. In the early days of motocross, riders hauled their motorcycles to race using elaborate chain, rope, and tie assemblies.

Quarantine Restraints: Leading Innovators in Cargo Net Tie-Down Technology

In the next post in this series we will provide important safety information for beginners and include a special section specifically for parents of motocross riders.

At Quarantine Restraints, we encourage you to know the laws for unsecured cargo, and we’re committed to providing solutions for every tie-down and truck and trailer transport need. Your Quarantine Restraints cargo net standard with our innovative tie-down technology, and you can add our wrap straps to keep your motorbike safely secured to your vehicle. Discover our company history, explore our products and use our convenient dealer locator to find the nearest Quarantine Restraints representative.


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