Main Types and Features of Enduro Motorcycles: Cargo Net Accessories 

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Main Types and Features of Enduro MotorcyclesThe people at Quarantine Restraints like to work to make things better, which was the impetus behind our innovative exterior cargo net. And as fans of motocross riding, we knew that the gear for hauling our bikes could use improvement. We designed our cargo nets to be better what was currently available, and so decided to do the same thing for this specific case. Our accessory wrap straps work with our Flow-Strap tie-down extenders to tightly secure motorcycles and awkwardly shaped equipment.

Enduro motorcycles are quite different than regular bikes and have an interesting history of their own. The origins of the Enduro motorbike and reasons for the main types and features of Enduro motorcycles make for an interesting story.

Origins of the Enduro Competition Bikes

Motorized bicycles first appeared in the 1900s before most roads were paved, and were agile and nimble with smaller engines. By the 1940s, however many main roads were paved, and motorbikes became heavier, faster, and more optimized for the street. At that time, through, all motorbikes could still be considered (in a sense) dual-sport vehicles. They were intended for use on both pavement and dirt, and were equally at home on both. As early as 1913, outdoor Enduro Competitions had appeared at the International Six Day Trials in Carlisle, England. These events are now known as the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE). ISDE Events remained in Europe with brief interruptions during World Wars I and II before diffusing across the globe, and events now occur everywhere.

The ISDE now attracts teams from 32 nations, including competitors:

  • 1973 — United States
  • 1992, 1998 — Australia
  • 2003 — Brazil
  • 2006 — New Zealand
  • 2007 — Chile
  • 2014 — Canada

The Greenhorn Enduro, a 500-mile trial through the desert, has attracted veteran racers such as Bud Elkins and Steve McQueen. Current Enduro competitions are often held indoors on man-made tracks, where obstacles such as tree branches and logs, boulders, mud-pits and monster truck tires challenge the skills of competitors.

As the sport grew, motorcycles were modified and evolved, and most current Enduros are built similar to the machines ridden at the World Enduro Championships. Although they closely resemble motocross or MX bikes, Enduros are typically much heavier and designed for increased durability, often combining the long-travel suspension of an MX with an over-sized gas tank, highly-tuned engine, sump protector, and much heavier parts.

Types of Enduro Motorcycles

There are two common types of Enduro motorbikes:

  • Two-strokes (one cylinder engine) between 125 to 360cc
  • Four-strokes (two cylinder engine) between 195 to 650cc

Two-stroke Enduros are usually much heavier than motocross bikes, but with their knobby tires and the suspension of a dirt bike, many Enduro riders prefer less powerful engines even with the additional weight.

Common Features of Enduro Motorcycles

For competition, Enduros are often modified to fit the rules of particular events. Bikes are typically custom-built, with different combinations of the following features:

  • Heavy flywheels
  • Wide-ratio gear boxes
  • Roll-chart holders or computers
  • Hand-guards for rider protection
  • Guards to protect the brakes and clutch
  • Narrow handlebars so the bike can fit between trees and branches
  • Street-legal exhaust systems that meet noise and spark arresting regulations

Some of these bikes incorporate street-legal features such as headlights, and their powerful mufflers allow them to travel on public roads.

The Quarantine Restraints Cargo Net

Quarantine Restraints’ exterior cargo net is more versatile than traditional designs, connecting to your pickup or trailer bed with our exclusively designed Flow-Strap tie-down extender hardware (extendable up to 50 inches) to quickly and easily secure your net and keep your cargo safe.

Our accessory wrap straps are perfect for strapping down unwieldy equipment like motorbikes and ATVs. Enjoy the many off-road trails in Alberta!

Learn more about our products with our brochure, and our about Quarantine Restraints page describes our company and mission. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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