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Quarantine International of Calgary, Alberta developed Quarantine Restraints through years of research, engineering and testing to work where conditions are difficult, the weather is harsh and where safety is of the utmost importance. Every detail of our interior and exterior cargo netting has been analyzed and examined to ensure the highest level of performance. Our cargo net meet the regulatory demands of several industries with rigorous safety practices such as public transportation, remote exploration and the extraction and production of oil and gas.1

Job Site Safety is Our Priority. Prevent Accidents Before They Happen

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Exterior Cargo Restraints

Exterior Cargo Restraints – Quarantine sets the standard for cargo securement. Quarantine’s truck and trailer cargo restraints serve a variety of applications. Now you can find these cargo nets for sale at your nearest dealer…

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Interior Cargo Restraints

Interior Cargo Restraints – Quarantine developed our Interior Cargo Restraint System due to a direct demand from the many industries we work with. These cargo netting solutions are robust and sturdy, and will offer the best protection to you and your load.

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Our Philosophy

“Quarantine Restraints is North America’s most trusted cargo net provider, and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety, durability and reliability in high-quality cargo restraint systems for both recreational and industrial use.”

Our Four Core Values: Secured Confidence


Our exterior truck cargo net and interior restraints were developed to encompass everything we know about safe hauling and protecting your personnel.

Style: Complete attention to detail, Comprehensive design, Ingenuity, Passion.

Proven: Trusted, Safe, Engineer certified, High quality, Detailed design.

Industrial Tough: Durable, Strong, Hard Working, Reliable, Gritty, Aggressive.

Inspired Innovation: Solves problems, Evolution, Vision, Creativity.

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Traditional Truck Bed Cargo Nets Vs. The Quarantine Restraints System